Thursday, April 6, 2017

Proof: Trump is a Terrible Businessman

The demotion of Bannon from the National Security Council and Reince Priebus becoming invisible to Trump highlights why Trump is not a good businessman. Yes, he has had success, but he is nowhere near as successful as many of his "peers," most of which seem to dislike him intensely. Michael Bloomberg opposed Trump's presidency and specifically criticized his business acumen, and as Bloomberg's success dwarfs little Donald's, you know who I trust.

Let me clarify something. Neither Bannon or Priebus were right for the jobs they hold. Both were hired more for loyalty to Trump and what they could do for him, not the country, and have proven to be major mistakes forcing Trump to withdraw into his mental bunker.

Now Trump is further showing his poor management style by moving his daughter and her husband into the driving seats of his administration. These actions reflect his narcissistic personality, with an unhealthy dose of paranoia, which makes him choose those he feel closest to him as the only people he can trust. No matter that he has no experience running the nation. It is a "blind leading the blind" situation.

It has always been like this. Nepotism is Trump's reaction for loyalty. He has always put his sons and daughter in control of his company. Although Kayleigh "Trump Is Always Right" McEnany claimed on CNN last week that Ivanka Trump is qualified for a position advising the president because she has proven herself as vice-president of the Trump brand. When your daddy hires you, that means nothing, and her success on her own has been falling apart, mainly because she does not have the business savvy to separate her from her father.


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