Monday, January 4, 2016

The Militia Morons

So, a dozen militia wackos have taken over a small building in the middle of a national forest. Anyone care? Not the police who are not having the standoff they wanted. Not the president, who has better things to worry about. Not the public, who have nicknamed the group Y'all-qaeda and VanillaISIS.

I think we need to worry, because this is a step up for the militia movement. There are over two hundred in the US (that we know of), and they have some very radical ideas. These yahoos on Oregon think they are going to die in another Waco and encourage other "patriots" to take up arms against the government. That they have done this badly planned effort means more dangerous acts may be coming.

This is a direct response to the win they had when the feds backed down on Cliven Bundy, a rancher that owes tons of cash to the feds (i.e. you and me). In order to avoid a fight, they backed off, and the militia had their first real win, which leads to the non-standoff in the woods.

These guys are seriously ready to die for their cause of completely misunderstanding the Constitution. One of them, Arizona nutball Jon Ritzheimer, a man who has tried to start a war with Muslims twice, let this teary message on the web:

 Sad. No, they are pathetic. He is not the only one to talk about his upcoming transition to martyr.

I like that the police and FBI are staying away. They have threatened to shoot at the cops if they come near. The best plan is the one they have: leave them alone. They are not holding hostages, just a building. If the cops act on them it will only embolden these people. Instead they will let them wait until they give up out of either boredom or hunger (apparently they have made an Internet plea for snacks to be sent to a local post office. Not as prepared to occupy the building for "years" as they have claimed). The FBI knows who they are, and when they vacate they will issue warrants and take them in. They do have serious charges coming, not the least sedition.

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