Thursday, December 3, 2015

Guns are not the answer to everything.

If any conservatives chant "moar guns, moar guns" in the face of this latest terrorist attacks (and usually while saying that liberals are politicizing this by calling for gun control while they politicize this by calling for "moar guns"), here are a few points:
1. After the Paris attacks the FBI reported that over 2000 firearms had been sold to citizens on the terrorist watch list since 9/11 because they are restricted from stopping them because of the NRA and their supporters.
4. One of the guns on used to murder 14 people yesterday was verified to have been bought legally by a guy who was on the radar of the FBI for possible terrorist activities. In fact, all four weapons were legally obtained.
IMO, and in the opinion of anyone with half a brain, this might have been prevented if gun advocates were not so obstinate.
This blood is on the hands of these radical Muslims, but Republicans, the NRA, and the ammosexuals who oppose common sense gun laws are enablers.

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