Friday, December 4, 2015

Conservative lies and the liberal conspiracy to appease the terrorists.

The radical righties are having a field day since this shooting. A friend of mine shared the message on Facebook that claimed the liberal media refuses to call Tuesday's San Bernadino attack "terrorism." Yes they did not, but not because of the "librul conspiracy," but because they were following journalistic procedures (which, unlike Fox News just hearing a foreign sounding name was involved to link it to ISIS). This ties into the conspiracy theories that President Obama is appeasing Islamic terrorism, and allowing them to attack here because he “hate's America.” 

I explained to him that the reason the media is up in the air if it was terrorism or not is because the FBI was not yet sure (as of the writing of this they are, a full three days after the shootings). No conspiracy, just the media actually having some integrity to respect the experts opinion. He challenged my by saying he has not seen "in the media" (my guess Fox News, because I sure as hell got that from CNN) that the FBI said  is not yet convinced in the media, so I forwarded an article that proves it. Instead of saying he made a mistake, he attacked me about gun control, and then something else, because librals always wrong, conservative always right. Typical. He cannot discuss something rationally, instead it goes to attacking me for something else.

The attacks on Obama continue. Sarah Palin, who is no brain trust, was on the 700 Club spreading the propganda. She criticized the President for trying to be friends with ISIS and thinking that would solve everything. Which is made up bull. 

She then implicated all Muslims as radicals, implying their religion is the problem. Yes, the whole of Islam is all complicit, and it is not must her that thinks so.

Of course, when a Christian does an atrocity it is an instant double face: the person does not represent Christians, even though using her thought process the person should. Hypocrites. By the way, Christians have proven themselves to be no better that the terrorist the hate. They have their own level of evil, like comes out of the mouth of Fox Fan Favorite Ted Nugent.

His fascistic call to cleanse America old libruls frankly kind of scares me. They should watch their mouths, because even if they do not believe their rants can inspire violence, nutballs will pick it up and move on it. I do not want to own a gun, but frankly a time will come when we will have to defend ourselves from crazies inspired by this nonsense.

Also, many Conservatives in the media claim Muslims do not talk out against killing in their religion's name, again implying they approve and continuing to demonize innocent people. After the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris a meme went around claiming no Islamic organization spoke out against the attacks, an easily lie to disprove, yet their flock bought it hook, line, and sinker. Of course, no consevative media reported this, so maybe there is a media conspiracy, just not librul.

Back to Palin, She also said the President has no strategy, which if you look back at this post of mine you already know there is a strong strategy. To prove Obama is more interested in appeasement the righties point out Obama is not killing civilians (Donald “Kill Them Babies” Trump actually saidthe other days we need to target wives and children).

The fact is, in Syria we have put together a mainly Muslim fighting force made of citizens of Syria and other countries to fight back and it is working (with thousands of ISIS members fleeing the country, which is a success). Indiscriminately killing civvies or claiming this is a war against their religion would undo much of the diplomatic work that was needed to put this coalition together. It is already hard enough with Turkey and Russia's hatred, or getting the Turkish government to work with the Kurds, a minority they basically hate. That is the line we are toeing, which the conservatives attack, basically undermining a good strategy. Of course, this would not be the first time conservatives tried to undermine important diplomatic processes to score political points with their low-information base.

Not many people really care what Palin has to say these days, even conservatives, but she is merely parroting the party line, so she is a symptom of a much larger disease.

A note to you haters: liberals do not appease these attacks. We abhor them, and we also abhor terrorist attacks from the right wing wackos. Stop making out we somehow do. Stuff your propaganda up your butts, please. BTW: alienating liberals did not work well to get McCain or Romney into office, yet you are doing it again with even more vigor. The definition of insanity, it is said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Like trickle down theory and tax cuts for the rich.

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