Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What to do about ISIS? Let's think about it.

I have been musing over the situation of global terror and military action.

Q: Will military action defeat terrorism?

A: No. Terrorism is here to stay. There will be more attacks in the US and around the world. Experts have said this for years. Europe is not new to terroism. England and Germany have had numerous attacks. Remember the 80's and 90's? Nightclub bombs targeting soldiers on leave were too common.
After 9/11 a foreign talking head welcomed the United States to the violence that is occurring in the rest of the world.

Q: Will taking over Syria stop terrorism?

A: No, and might make it worse. The attack on Iraq caused radicalization of Muslims on the edge, leading to a rise in ISIS. Our attacks on them in Syria is causing new recruits to come to their side. The more we take action, the more of a recruitment poster it is.
Take Al-Qaeda. We hit them hard, killed their leader, and basically destroyed them. Then ISIS to replaced them. If we manage to break them up there will be a new organization taking over, possibly more radical, and will continue to attack. In fact, they are here now. The FBI has a lengthy list of possible terrorist, and more are under the radar.

Q: How about "boots on the ground?"

A: The question we should ask is "how many soldiers do we send to their death?" Sadly, over a hundred lost their lives last weekend. Sending troops in expect them to die in far greater numbers, and in the end it will not stop terror attacks.
Going in half-cocked is about revenge, not good policy.

Q: So what would I do?

A: I am not a tactician so I don't have an answer, but acting out of passion instead of making informed decisions is always a mistake.

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