Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Terrorists attack in Minneapolis Monday. Did you even know it? UPDATED

The news is weird. It is obsessed with refugee terrorists (a threat that barely exists) but a terror attack by Americans just does not rate.

Monday, 23 November, three white guys show up and open fire on a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis while calling them the n-word. Five were injured, luckily no one was killed, though one needed emergency surgery. Two are in custody right now. They are believed to be white supremacists.

This is a terror attack, designed to scare blacks by threatening their lives, is the definition of terror, one that the FBI concurs with, though many conservatives seem to think domestic terrorism does not exist. The FBI has said in the past domestic terrorists are far more of a danger to us than foreign terrorist.

So why the media blackout. Where is CNN and the breaking news?

UPDATE: CNN covered it last night after I wrote this post, however is was basically a side note to the protests in Chicago which had their intention, as the potential for violence is a better ratings winner.

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