Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama has no strategy and other lies.

The attacks on Obama are loud an clear and working. I listen to the callers to C-SPAN on the Democratic line and they are a loud chorus of being ashamed he is a Democrat and being sorry they voted for him.

The reasons are the media chorus that Obama is weak on terrorism and has no strategy. Pundits yell he never tells anybody his "secret" strategy, and Repubs suggest getting his military advisers in front of Congress to explain it, if he even has one. Also, Ben "Eyes Wide Shut" Carson has talked about how the President has not formed a coalition to go after ISIS and Carson would, though the Benny McStabby-pants cannot name one ally.

Of course, the war of words on Obama it is all bullshit.

A press conference was just covered on C-SPAN. Brett McGurk, special envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS describes the progress in the fight so far and near future plans. It detailed how we are working with our allies, helping them with intelligence and training as they fight and have been taking significant territory from ISIS. Also, he talked about how we have and continue to disrupt ISIS networks.

Further, he talked about our diplomatic efforts with allies including getting ones that tend to hate each other to work together (the Iraqi Kurds and Turkey as an example) which is a nightmare to do. He also talked about the successes we have had in getting allies to pass laws to better monitor the movements of terror suspects and bring them to the level we have; these countries are the weak points.

Most importantly he emphasized it is a long game; it is not an overnight thing. It has been worked on since ISIS reared its ugly head. It has put Muslims on the ground to fight for their land and not make further converts by making this a Christian/Muslim war. We try to protect civilians because killing them en masse bombing might cause our allies to rethink their agreements with us. Hearts and minds and George "Dubya" Bush said.

Of course, it will not be covered in the media. It was lengthy with no easy, quick solutions and no sound bytes. It is much easier to say someone has no strategy than try to explain the strategy. And both Repubs and Democrats are swallowing the pill.

See the whole press conference!

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