Friday, November 20, 2015

Elise Labott tells the truth and pays for it! UPDATED!!

UPDATE: She was not suspended. It was an un-vetted rumor a journalist posted and it was picked up and copied by both the media and people on the Internet. Which just shows you how the media jumps on rumors without vetting them to get the news out "first."

There is no "liberal media." I have said this for a long time. Here is more proof.

Elise Labott is a CNN pundit. On her twitter account she criticized the House passing the bill that effectively bans Syrian refugees and is quite un-American and a road we have been down before with terrible consequences. She was forced to apologize and was suspended because she gave a perfect analogy based on the past mistakes of the US that we are making again. It is like 2002 all over again, bad policy made in haste.

CNN is ran by a bunch of morons. I wish Labott had the guts to quit and tell them where to shove it.

Talking points memo has more.

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