Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ben Carson Has A Plan!

Today Ben Carson was in Iowa on the campaign trial and suggested a new way to tell if a refugee is a Christian or not: "All we have to do is make a blood-test to see if they are really a Christian then we let them in. We have blood tests for HIV, diabetes, they are even making one for cancer. Why not Christianity?"
His claims brought back the argument over whether he endorses Mannatech or not. "The left will say I am endorsing Mannatech because of this, but I am not. I am just saying that they are the only people capable of doing this. They cured my cancer, they can do this."
When pressed about how this works scientifically, Carson became agitated. "This is the kind of gotcha question I expect from the liberal media. I'll give you an answer even though it is not politically correct. God made blood, God made DNA. He put all this in the blood to protect us. Now we need protection from radical Muslims," said the radical Christian.
Pressed by the reporter for a real scientific basis for his claim, Carson simply asked, "are you wearing a belt?"

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