Friday, November 20, 2015

Attack of the Killer Refugees!!! Panic and vote for me!!!!!

There is a real problem in America right now. It is not refugees, it is refugee panic invented by no nothings pundits or politicians, or people using it as propaganda to scare you into voting for them.

As a friend of mine said, it is not about being ant-refugee, it is about due caution. Due caution? That has justified some of the worst policies of this country in the past. We used "due caution" to put American citizens of Japanese descent into camp in WWII. It was that reason we had the House Un-American Activities Committee going after Americans with liberal views as communists.It is the reason we invaded Iraq and thousands of soldiers died for no good reason except to cause the rise of ISIS (that used to be called al-Qaeda in Iraq before they set their eyes on the Levant).

Fact is, this bill that passed the House yesterday is both unnecessary and designed to make it impossible for any Syrian refugee to come here by making the bar so high it can never be cleared. It even includes that each individual refugee needs to be signed off by the heads of three intelligence organizations. That is like having the CEO sign off on every janitor hired.

The problem is our "liberal media" just repeats the scares and not the facts. Can you say RATINGS?

The truth is we vet the hell out of refugees. The whole process can take from ONE TO TWO YEARS. First the United Nations High Commission on Refugees or a US Embassy needs to put them on a refugee list after they meet criteria,

Next, they are vetted by multiple US security agencies. Only about half make it through this.

Next, their names and bio-data are run through the FBI, Homeland Security, and the DoD to see if their is a background of terrorism or crime.

That is for all refugees from anywhere. But the US already puts the Syrian refugees to a higher standard because they come from a nation full of terrorists. Their filings with the UN and initial documents submitted to the U.S. program are reviewed. Information about where they came from, what caused them to flee and what their experiences were like are cross-referenced with classified and unclassified information.

Next they go through a program called the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Process, used to screen people deemed potential national security threats.

Then DHS agents interview the refugees that made it that far, in almost all cases on foreign soil. If they make it through all that they need to meet medical standards to avoid bringing diseases in, .

If approved they are held and assigned a cultural orientation sponsor to help them acclimatize who also make notes on suspicious questions and comments by the refugees, and finally one last security check.

What about lack of documentation? Well, Syria has plenty of documentation on their citizens. If refugees somehow lost their IDs to prove who they are the reason must be verified, such as their house being bombed out.

That is pretty damn tough already and loads of refugees are routinely rejected, ut the media and the Republicans and Democrats who argued for the bill yesterday (I watched some on C-SPAN) make it sound like we just bring people in without any knowledge of them at all.

No system is foolproof. Over the course of this policy three have come in and made contacts with terrorist suspects, and were arrested and expelled from the US (the US keeps tabs on them after entry). This bill makes it that until the system is foolproof, no refugees from Syria should be admitted.

Here is the truth: almost every terror suspect has entered the countries through legal means other than posing as a refugee or were already citizens of America or the EU.

I am sure the Jewish refugees who were rejected by America fleeing the Holocaust are turning over in their mass graves right now.

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