Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Terrorists attack in Minneapolis Monday. Did you even know it? UPDATED

The news is weird. It is obsessed with refugee terrorists (a threat that barely exists) but a terror attack by Americans just does not rate.

Monday, 23 November, three white guys show up and open fire on a Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis while calling them the n-word. Five were injured, luckily no one was killed, though one needed emergency surgery. Two are in custody right now. They are believed to be white supremacists.

This is a terror attack, designed to scare blacks by threatening their lives, is the definition of terror, one that the FBI concurs with, though many conservatives seem to think domestic terrorism does not exist. The FBI has said in the past domestic terrorists are far more of a danger to us than foreign terrorist.

So why the media blackout. Where is CNN and the breaking news?

UPDATE: CNN covered it last night after I wrote this post, however is was basically a side note to the protests in Chicago which had their intention, as the potential for violence is a better ratings winner.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Out with refugees, in with VWP!

I'm watching CNN today and they have moved on from shouting about the dangers of refugees (finally) to the VWP: VISA Waiver Program. VWP IS GOING TO DESTROY AMERICA!

VWP is the new whipping boy to scare 'Mericans. They claim it is so easy to enter in on the program. It speeds up the process for visitors, it must be less secure. Let's check the truth detector. MMMM. Smells like bullshit.

The VWP is pretty secure, and even more so with changes made in the wake of 9/11. It is used by foreign travelers to come here for up to 90-days for business or pleasure (the State Department does not mention for terror. Odd).

To get it you needs to jump a bunch of hurdles. On CNN an "expert" said he thinks may six or so could have gained entry through the program. I doubt it. The chance of a terrorist getting through on VWP is very very unlikely.

VWP is given to citizens of nations that have similar agreements with us. That is thirty-eight countries and only one is in the Middle East (Brunai). No Syria or other sponsors of terrorism. If you ever traveled to one of these nations you will never get the VWP. Period. One of the terrorist in Paris was from Belgium. Even though he was a naturalized citizen of Belgium, he would never have been granted a VWP.

In order to be eligible you need an e-passport. That is a very secure password with a chip that contains your bio-data and records. The terrorist that entered Greece came in with a fake passport but it was not an e-passport. He would not have been able to fake it.

Then you are ran on the Interpol database, the terror watch list, the no-fly list, and others. A flag comes up, no VWP for you. Also, you will rejected for just about any criminal act you were convicted of within five years.

You also need to have significant holdings in the country you are coming from (a house, etc.).

If you do not meet anyone of these for any minor reason, you need to apply for a regular VISA, which takes much more time. This program is not unlike the pre-checking in for a domestic flight so you don't have to go through all the rigmarole every time you fly.

So stop worrying about one in a million scenarios. Let's start thinking what really needs to be done.

I am sure the news networks will move on in a few days to the next big scare to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Ben Carson Has A Plan!

Today Ben Carson was in Iowa on the campaign trial and suggested a new way to tell if a refugee is a Christian or not: "All we have to do is make a blood-test to see if they are really a Christian then we let them in. We have blood tests for HIV, diabetes, they are even making one for cancer. Why not Christianity?"
His claims brought back the argument over whether he endorses Mannatech or not. "The left will say I am endorsing Mannatech because of this, but I am not. I am just saying that they are the only people capable of doing this. They cured my cancer, they can do this."
When pressed about how this works scientifically, Carson became agitated. "This is the kind of gotcha question I expect from the liberal media. I'll give you an answer even though it is not politically correct. God made blood, God made DNA. He put all this in the blood to protect us. Now we need protection from radical Muslims," said the radical Christian.
Pressed by the reporter for a real scientific basis for his claim, Carson simply asked, "are you wearing a belt?"

Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama has no strategy and other lies.

The attacks on Obama are loud an clear and working. I listen to the callers to C-SPAN on the Democratic line and they are a loud chorus of being ashamed he is a Democrat and being sorry they voted for him.

The reasons are the media chorus that Obama is weak on terrorism and has no strategy. Pundits yell he never tells anybody his "secret" strategy, and Repubs suggest getting his military advisers in front of Congress to explain it, if he even has one. Also, Ben "Eyes Wide Shut" Carson has talked about how the President has not formed a coalition to go after ISIS and Carson would, though the Benny McStabby-pants cannot name one ally.

Of course, the war of words on Obama it is all bullshit.

A press conference was just covered on C-SPAN. Brett McGurk, special envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS describes the progress in the fight so far and near future plans. It detailed how we are working with our allies, helping them with intelligence and training as they fight and have been taking significant territory from ISIS. Also, he talked about how we have and continue to disrupt ISIS networks.

Further, he talked about our diplomatic efforts with allies including getting ones that tend to hate each other to work together (the Iraqi Kurds and Turkey as an example) which is a nightmare to do. He also talked about the successes we have had in getting allies to pass laws to better monitor the movements of terror suspects and bring them to the level we have; these countries are the weak points.

Most importantly he emphasized it is a long game; it is not an overnight thing. It has been worked on since ISIS reared its ugly head. It has put Muslims on the ground to fight for their land and not make further converts by making this a Christian/Muslim war. We try to protect civilians because killing them en masse bombing might cause our allies to rethink their agreements with us. Hearts and minds and George "Dubya" Bush said.

Of course, it will not be covered in the media. It was lengthy with no easy, quick solutions and no sound bytes. It is much easier to say someone has no strategy than try to explain the strategy. And both Repubs and Democrats are swallowing the pill.

See the whole press conference!

Tell Diane Feinstein to get off the lawn!

Diane Feinstein, the Democratic senator from California is becoming the old person that tells kids to get off her lawn. She is sponsoring a bill with Jeff "My Kid Killed a Bunch of Helpless Dogs" Flake (R-Arizona) to make the VISA waiver program more secure (though it is pretty damn secure anyways, but, you know, she wants you to vote for her out of fear).

She also thinks Sony and Microsoft need to do "something" about these video games that terrorist use to talk to each other (which experts say is pretty rare because it is not secure). I guess she never heard of VoIP, Skype, Google Hangout, and so on. Has she even heard of computers? Damn terrorists, get off my Internet! Does she know that ISIS followers include programmers who can write their own software to communicate? Or does she think middle-eastern people live in caves and have no technology past the Crusades?

She has also said other nutty stuff. The Democrats really don't need her, or the other Democrats that voted for the anti-refugee bill.

Note: Conservative morons that defend Trump and Carson when they say crazy things, I'll call a Democrat out when they are wrong.

Elise Labott tells the truth and pays for it! UPDATED!!

UPDATE: She was not suspended. It was an un-vetted rumor a journalist posted and it was picked up and copied by both the media and people on the Internet. Which just shows you how the media jumps on rumors without vetting them to get the news out "first."

There is no "liberal media." I have said this for a long time. Here is more proof.

Elise Labott is a CNN pundit. On her twitter account she criticized the House passing the bill that effectively bans Syrian refugees and is quite un-American and a road we have been down before with terrible consequences. She was forced to apologize and was suspended because she gave a perfect analogy based on the past mistakes of the US that we are making again. It is like 2002 all over again, bad policy made in haste.

CNN is ran by a bunch of morons. I wish Labott had the guts to quit and tell them where to shove it.

Talking points memo has more.

Attack of the Killer Refugees!!! Panic and vote for me!!!!!

There is a real problem in America right now. It is not refugees, it is refugee panic invented by no nothings pundits or politicians, or people using it as propaganda to scare you into voting for them.

As a friend of mine said, it is not about being ant-refugee, it is about due caution. Due caution? That has justified some of the worst policies of this country in the past. We used "due caution" to put American citizens of Japanese descent into camp in WWII. It was that reason we had the House Un-American Activities Committee going after Americans with liberal views as communists.It is the reason we invaded Iraq and thousands of soldiers died for no good reason except to cause the rise of ISIS (that used to be called al-Qaeda in Iraq before they set their eyes on the Levant).

Fact is, this bill that passed the House yesterday is both unnecessary and designed to make it impossible for any Syrian refugee to come here by making the bar so high it can never be cleared. It even includes that each individual refugee needs to be signed off by the heads of three intelligence organizations. That is like having the CEO sign off on every janitor hired.

The problem is our "liberal media" just repeats the scares and not the facts. Can you say RATINGS?

The truth is we vet the hell out of refugees. The whole process can take from ONE TO TWO YEARS. First the United Nations High Commission on Refugees or a US Embassy needs to put them on a refugee list after they meet criteria,

Next, they are vetted by multiple US security agencies. Only about half make it through this.

Next, their names and bio-data are run through the FBI, Homeland Security, and the DoD to see if their is a background of terrorism or crime.

That is for all refugees from anywhere. But the US already puts the Syrian refugees to a higher standard because they come from a nation full of terrorists. Their filings with the UN and initial documents submitted to the U.S. program are reviewed. Information about where they came from, what caused them to flee and what their experiences were like are cross-referenced with classified and unclassified information.

Next they go through a program called the Controlled Application Review and Resolution Process, used to screen people deemed potential national security threats.

Then DHS agents interview the refugees that made it that far, in almost all cases on foreign soil. If they make it through all that they need to meet medical standards to avoid bringing diseases in, .

If approved they are held and assigned a cultural orientation sponsor to help them acclimatize who also make notes on suspicious questions and comments by the refugees, and finally one last security check.

What about lack of documentation? Well, Syria has plenty of documentation on their citizens. If refugees somehow lost their IDs to prove who they are the reason must be verified, such as their house being bombed out.

That is pretty damn tough already and loads of refugees are routinely rejected, ut the media and the Republicans and Democrats who argued for the bill yesterday (I watched some on C-SPAN) make it sound like we just bring people in without any knowledge of them at all.

No system is foolproof. Over the course of this policy three have come in and made contacts with terrorist suspects, and were arrested and expelled from the US (the US keeps tabs on them after entry). This bill makes it that until the system is foolproof, no refugees from Syria should be admitted.

Here is the truth: almost every terror suspect has entered the countries through legal means other than posing as a refugee or were already citizens of America or the EU.

I am sure the Jewish refugees who were rejected by America fleeing the Holocaust are turning over in their mass graves right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS Loves Repubs!

Somewhere in Syria, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is leaning back in his comfy chair watching cable news on his satellite HDTV and laughing about it to his second in command:
"These Republican's. I love them," he says. "They are like our brothers. We want to cause fear, they spread it, all over the media, Fox News, even in on the floor of Congress. I was just watching C-SPAN earlier. That Trey Gowdy was practically cribbing off of one of my propaganda speeches. Do what Gowdy says. Be afraid. Reject those refugees so we can kill those who do not share our views. The blood is really on their hands.
"The best part is I never thought about posing as a refugee. It is like these Conservatives are on our side, giving us such good advice. One even thought Obama's military advisers should appear in front of Congress to detail his strategy against us. Great! I would love to know that.
"To my brothers who lie in wait who are citizens of the US: make sure you keep voting Republican! Go to rally's and support Trump and that Ben Carson. Heck, Ben Carson is one of us, he used to go around stabbing people. Oh, note to the knife attackers around the world... make sure not to target people with belts, you will break the knife. American's apparently have anti-knife technology."

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What to do about ISIS? Let's think about it.

I have been musing over the situation of global terror and military action.

Q: Will military action defeat terrorism?

A: No. Terrorism is here to stay. There will be more attacks in the US and around the world. Experts have said this for years. Europe is not new to terroism. England and Germany have had numerous attacks. Remember the 80's and 90's? Nightclub bombs targeting soldiers on leave were too common.
After 9/11 a foreign talking head welcomed the United States to the violence that is occurring in the rest of the world.

Q: Will taking over Syria stop terrorism?

A: No, and might make it worse. The attack on Iraq caused radicalization of Muslims on the edge, leading to a rise in ISIS. Our attacks on them in Syria is causing new recruits to come to their side. The more we take action, the more of a recruitment poster it is.
Take Al-Qaeda. We hit them hard, killed their leader, and basically destroyed them. Then ISIS to replaced them. If we manage to break them up there will be a new organization taking over, possibly more radical, and will continue to attack. In fact, they are here now. The FBI has a lengthy list of possible terrorist, and more are under the radar.

Q: How about "boots on the ground?"

A: The question we should ask is "how many soldiers do we send to their death?" Sadly, over a hundred lost their lives last weekend. Sending troops in expect them to die in far greater numbers, and in the end it will not stop terror attacks.
Going in half-cocked is about revenge, not good policy.

Q: So what would I do?

A: I am not a tactician so I don't have an answer, but acting out of passion instead of making informed decisions is always a mistake.