Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Republicans War on Truth

There is an ever expanding characteristic of Conservative politics, and to be sure and forthright, BOTH parties participate in it, but Conservatives have taken it to unbelievable heights, and that characteristic is what has come to be known as MISINFORMATION. That's right, that new term that has been coined to offset the nastiness of what it really is--LYING.  There is a quote that is kicked around, usually by those on the right who like to laugh at it--and I believe it has been attributed to many people, but I think it was Noam Chomsky who once said, "An uninformed electorate will vote against its own self interest every time."  And like I said, its a practice that comes out of both political parties, but Conservatives have taken it to an art form. Recently Rand Paul was so glib as to spill the beans on the Republican tactic while giving a speech at the University of Kentucky--he told the students, and this is a quote...""I never, ever cheated. I don't condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important." He went on to pontificate on a great many ways in which he was successful at "misinforming" people, he even laughed about it at times during the speech--but what was so prescient were the words he used to wrap up his speech, "So, that's my advice. Misinformation works." I had to watch this speech twice to fully appreciate his intent and the fact that he was just outright telling these students what the first page in his playbook in life is--to lie to people, and expect them to be dumb enough to believe it.

A recent cover of THE NATION.
Now, on the cover of this magazine, we see Rand Paul as Pinocchio, and to be honest, I think Pinocchio has nothing on this guy, but Rand Paul is only emblematic of a larger problem--that we have a political party that is out there openly lying to the constituents and then playing the ol'-"I'm rubber, you're glue," routine and telling their people that it is Obama that is doing the lying, and Democrats in general! Well, I am quite sure that Obama HAS indeed lied to the American public, but I am also sure it was alie that HAD to be told in the interest of national security. After all, our free press--and don't get me wrong, I am NOT knocking the free press, it is ESSENTIAL in a Democracy--but our free press sometimes asks questions that are of a sensitive nature that just cannot be answered with absolute honesty. But that kind of lie is different than someone like Sarah Palin telling people that Obamacare is going to have healthcare rationing, or that it's a form of "Socialized medicine," which of course its NOT, because we STILL have to go through the free market--or her BIGGEST whopper of all time, that there are going to be DEATH PANELS.
From Sarah Palin's Facebook page, dated August 7th, 2009--a direct quote--"Seniors and the disabled will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care."
Yes--Sarah Palin actually WROTE this, and what's worse, at the time, people BELIEVED her.....And of course, Politifact gave her the infamous 'PANTS ON FIRE' rating! I am more than sure that Sarah Palin does not have too many pairs of pants that don't have burn marks on the butt! The ATLANTIC magazine did a GREAT story on the lies of Sarah Palin--a story by Andrew Sullivan entitled 'The Odd Lies of Sarah Palin: A Summary Before the Next Round'--here is a link to this must read article.....
The point of this article is that you must inform yourselves--separate the facts from the lies---all across the country Karl Rove's Superpac--a "non-profit organization," (laughably)--CROSSROADS GPS is running ads against Democratic candidates--in North Carolina against Kay Hagan, running ads saying that SHE was the DECIDING vote for Obamacare...The funny thing about THAT is--in Louisiana, they are running ads against Mary Landrieu saying the SAME exact thing! They are also saying that now famous lie that these Senators voted for Obama's "MASSIVE SPENDING BILLS" and that they have been a part of this MASSIVE debt that this President has saddled this nation with....Now which was it--was Mary Landrieu the deciding vote, or was Kay Hagan the deciding vote? They both could NOT have been the deciding vote.
Before you cast your vote-make sure you KNOW who and what you are voting for, and don't vote against your own self interests, or the interests of the common worker in America! Republicans have launched an all out attack against the American Middle Class--and the Middle Class is losing!