Wednesday, June 25, 2014

John McCain is a Lying Liar Who Only Lies--or--Sore Loser Can't Get Over Presidential Loss

John McCain is a liar! Plain and simple. He is a man who will get in front of the camera, any camera and say things that he absolutely KNOWS aren't true, but he says them anyway, often contradicting himself. A recent example of this was when he first started to attack the release of Taliban held hostage, Bowe Bergdahl. Earlier in the year, during an interview with CNN, McCain said that he "would be inclined to support" an exchange of prisoners in order that we might bring Bowe Bergdahl home, his exact quote being:

“Now this idea is for an exchange of prisoners for our American fighting man. I would be inclined to support such a thing depending on a lot of the details.” CNN Interview from February 2014.

He said it right there---"THIS IDEA FOR AN EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS FOR OUR AMERICAN FIGHTING MAN...."--He said it right there that he KNEW that there was a plan to exchange prisoners for the release of Bergdahl as far back as February of this year. Something he would later deny--

“We were never told that there would be an exchange of Sergeant Bergdahl for five Taliban.”
                                                                                 John McCain, CNN Interview June 2014

Now, given that MOST of the prisoners we were and continue to hold in GITMO, are Taliban or Al Queada, exactly WHICH prisoners did he THINK were going to trade for Begdahl back in the February interview? Was he expecting us to exchange some guys in a Texas federal penitentiary being held on some randon drug charge for him? I've got to be thinking not. And of course, all 5 prisoners released were the WORST OF THE WORST, according to McCain and others that at first celebrated the release only to flip and later vilify the release of Bergdahl, going so far on FOX "News" as to slam his parents--Bill O'Reilly saying that his father had become a Taliban sympathizer and perhaps even a Taliban because of the beard his father had grown while his son was held for 5 years. Here, John Stewart sums up BRILLIANTLY the sheer absurdity of calling Bergdahl's father a Taliban sympathizer:

Video from YOUTUBE---
I guess if we are going to assume that Bergdahl's father is a terrorist for wearing a beard, we need to look at EVERYBODY wearing a beard--
Photo from
Or maybe--
Oh, please--say it isn't so....Santa Taliban! Anyway, you get the idea! The absurdity that has become almost everything on the right. But back to John McCain and his politics of flip-floppery--

So now we know, John McCain originally said that he KNEW as far back as February of this year that there was an idea for a prisoner exchange for Bergdahl. That is now established FACT! From a Washington Post article from February--'In a front-page article, headlined “U.S. seeks prisoner swap with Taliban,” The Washington Post on Feb. 17 reported that a potential deal was in works with the Taliban to secure Bergdahl’s release. So, as far back as February, a deal that had been in the works for 2 years was being advertised as a swap with the Taliban, and even AFTER being confronted by such evidence, Mr. McCain STILL denied he was ever told there was an exchange taking place that involved these Taliban prisoners, whose Taliban affiliation became more and more important as the story grew, with McCain saying that one of the five, "has already announced his plans to get back into the fight...." Now, I've done a little research, which is to say that I have googled McCain's bizarre statement that one of them has announced his intentions, and I turned up nothing! What did this Taliban do, hold a press conference? Did he release a press release to "ANNOUNCE" he was getting back into the fight? Once again, McCain makes an absurd claim.

I'm not sure what McCain's actual motives are on flip-flopping on every issue, or going to countries that are potential hotspots to talk to who he THINKS are the right rebels to arm, but whatever it does--that and his constant mantra about Obama "leading from behind," are the things that make this nation look weak. The RIGHT, backed by their propaganda channel otherwise known as FOX "News"--( I use quotations around the word news because what they deliver is in the weakest form of the word news)--are perpetuating this myth that Obama has made the nation look weak overseas, when actually nothing could be further from the truth. Obama has garnered respect from our allies for his work to bring an end to conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his efforts in mending fences with those allies that lost trust in us because of the Iraq debacle and the so-called "BUSH DOCTRINE." And Mr. McCain is one those who cannot help himself but be on every Sunday morning politics show, where he says the same thing--and yes, by now its MIND-NUMBING that anyone would listen to this bitter, sore loser over his criticism of this President. There is not ONE issue in the world today where Mr. McCain hasn't criticized the President over, if it isn't Obama's mishandling of any and ALL domestic issues, its his failure in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya--all of which have HARDLY been failures, most of these issues, though unrest certainly remains in a lot of these areas, have been solved through diplomacy, without firing a shot. Look to Syria, where just this week, the last of their chemical weapon stockpile, keeping it out of the hands of the ISIS group now rearing their heads in Iraq.

The FACT is, the weakness that we've shown overseas, weakness that may or may not have emboldened Putin to move on the Ukraine and the Crimea, much like he moved on Georgia during the Bush Administration, is caused by the disaster that was Iraq and our inability to obtain a clearly defined victory over the really unidentified enemy we were fighting over there, and the reason I say unidentified enemy is that there have been so many extremist groups that have cropped up because of our intervention in the Middle East in the first decade of the 21st Century, its hard to know precisely who the enemy is. John McCain, through lies and misinformation is trying to pull a political slight of hand--blaming everything he possibly can on Obama without taking one scintilla of blame himself for being the war hawk he is or giving a smidgen of blame to the people that got us into this disaster that has become the Middle East--the George W. Bush Administration.

Is John McCain consciously lying about all these things--I mean he HAS to know the truth, which would mean he IS consciously lying--or is it that because of his age, he has somehow lost his memory of the truth as it actually is. Its clear he holds extreme animus for Obama, but if he is consciously lying in order to make Obama look bad or to "gin up" his base, he should be ashamed of himself. During the Bush Administration, people who outwardly criticized President Bush were called Un-American, that we were making us look weak to the world by not showing a united front--and sadly, those same people have taken this to all new levels, and THAT is what makes us look weak, when people like John McCain LIE, and tell the world press that our President is weak, then he does indeed start to look weak, it becomes a case of the more times you say it, the more people believe it. Would you PLEASE just retire John McCain, and stop looking like the petulant, sore loser you in fact are!


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