Friday, June 20, 2014

Cheney is on TV Again (rant)

I get sick every time I see Dick Cheney on TV, telling us how to handle Iraq. A favorite of Fox News, he is lighting up all the major networks with his Obama opposition. I wish someone would ask him why, after he helped author the Iraq War and got it all wrong, why should we believe him? This is the man who said the war would last six weeks, maybe six months at the longest, and pay for itself. Here we are, eleven years later (our longest war ever), and cost us $1.7-trillion. Why are we in debt? It is not Obama. It was the war.

There he is again. I consider him a war criminal and I am not alone, but Conservatives give this guy such a break, on one breath mad we do not want the war to continue “when 3,000 ‘Mericans lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack.” What about the 4,487 American’s who lost their lives in a meaningless war? One that was predicated on lies. Cheney, along with G. W. Bush, Rumsefeld, et al., are responsible for their deaths. Let us not forget about the ones who returned forever changed: missing limbs, paralyzed, and mentally unstable. I lost a nephew to the wave of suicide among Iraq War vets.

Yet the media gives him a soapbox without confronting him about the dirty origins of the war. Edward R. Murrow must be rotating in his grave with the ineptitude of today’s newsperson.

He could have had his balls nailed for his crime, along with the others, by following the advice in the book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. In it, famed Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi lays out the overwhelming case, which any Attorney General or District Attorney who had their citizens die in the war could file against them. For comparison, Manson sent only nine (possible up to 15) to their deaths; 4,000+ would probably make the twisted Manson blink.

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