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A Look into Generation Opportunity

There is a new SUPERPAC out there, and it has its sites set directly on the younger generation, The Millennial's, that group of young people who have come of voting age since the year 2000. This group, according to recent data, is identifying themselves strongly as independent, and then Democrat and lastly, Republican--this apparently being a reflection of changing political tides and these years of extreme partisanship that has truly created a divide in America, pitting neighbor against neighbor based on their political beliefs. These young Millennial's seem to want to work toward finding solutions rather than get bogged down in the political finger pointing and the politics of destruction. Millennial's may or may not be the smartest generation ever to be involved in politics, and yes--I am aware of the ambiguity of saying they may or may not be.....But that is for another story. In their effort to bring younger voters in to the fold, Conservatives have created a SUPERPAC that is called GENERATION OPPORTUNITY--and they pretend to be a non-partisan group aimed at informing the young voter, the only thing is--their information seems to be false and blatantly partisan.

Their mission statement page is here:

And it reads as follows:

'GenOpp is a non-profit millennial advocacy organization. Driven by the belief that ours is the most creative and innovative generation in American history we promote economic opportunity for young Americans. Our ability to drive progress is threatened by a government that mortgages and stifles our future for short-term political gain, and we strive to engage in the political and policy arenas to create a truly level playing field.

We mobilize our generation by addressing the issues that impact our generation. Our digital and field organizers are hard at work engaging and mobilizing young people across the country in an effort to free the future of the country. Ultimately, we’re working to unite Millennials as a voting bloc so we can finally put a stop to Washington’s generational theft schemes that rob us of future prosperity.
GenOpp is primarily driven by our passion for freedom and the well-being of our generation. We care about youth unemployment, student loans, education, health care, government spending and taxation, and other economic issues. We’re also concerned about civil liberties and work to rein in unaccountable government agencies that threaten our freedoms with unconstitutional spying programs.
GenOpp is a non-partisan organization. Our freedom-driven agenda aligns us with a diverse set of political players. We’re happy to work with both Democrats and Republicans on our key issues.'
*** This is taken DIRECTLY from their Mission Statement Page--Generation Opportunity

This sounds like the kumbaya organization that is going to use the youth to solve the ills of not just our nation, but the entire world. They claim they are willing to work with BOTH Democrats and Republicans to move this country forward. Well, if THAT is the case, why is it that nearly their entire agenda seems to be putting a halt and bad mouthing the Progressive agenda and espousing an agenda that sounds not just libertarian, which in itself might not be so bad--but they sound an awful lot like the Tea Party Jr. and their ads are out their attacking DEMOCRATIC candidates. So much for being bi-partisan....

from YOUTUBE--

This ridiculously poorly acted ad produced by Generation Opportunity is filled with MISLEADING information at best, and outright LIES at worst, not to say that it isn't somewhat based in fact with the story of the millennial having trouble finding a good or decent paying job--that is true to be sure. Things are tough out there, for everyone, even in the wake of a recovering economy. But this ad lays the blame with government spending, which is at some of its lowest levels in years:

What this chart clearly shows is that GROWTH in government spending spiked to its highest level since the Carter administration--while during the previous Administration, which of course had a Republican majority in both houses of Congress for most of its time in power, had the LARGEST growth in government spending since the Reagan Administration. This is a "truth" they leave out and actually LIE about in that ad. And, while Conservatives try to lay this ridiculous idea that Obama has added 6 to 7 trillion dollars to the national debt since taking office--well that too come with some EXTREME caveats. MUCH of that debt comes from 2 things, the bank bailouts that were left over from the Bush Administration and the stimulus package that had to be passed in order that not just our economy here at home might be saved from disaster, but that the world economy be saved as well--since the disastrous world wide recession was triggered by the recession begun by the Bush Administrations mishandling of the economy. To be sure, there is some blame to be passed around on all sides of the political spectrum, after all, President Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which deregulated the banking and mortgage industries which paved the way for the exotic mortgage products being sold to people who couldn't afford them and allowed banks to basically GAMBLE with the money that people were entrusting them with. But, if Bill Clinton signed the bill--he did so under the duress of knowing that if he vetoed the bill at the time, his veto was going to be overridden by the Republican majority at the time. This bill, meant to counteract the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. which kept commercial and consumer banking separate, keeping commercial banks from "gambling" with depositors money (one of the causes of the first Great Depression).

From Youtube-Generation Opportunity

Here is another ad from Generation Opportunity--notice something about this ad? Its basically the same ad as the Kay Hagan ad, different location and circumstances, but the exact same message, once again claiming that Mary Landrieu in Louisiana is a cohort of President Obama and that they are spending on willy nilly things that don't mean anything--in this commercial the spending on wasteful items are represented on potato chips and cookies and other forms of junk food--(there's a certain irony here because the Obama Administration has been touting eating healthier and exercising)--wasteful spending being their key idea. I would like to know which part of the government spending they consider "wasteful," especially when you take into account the devastated economy that Republicans have stood in the way of and thrown up roadblocks to recovery.

So--here is a pie-chart of Obama's proposed discretionary spending--now it is not clear if this is for 2013 or 2014, but it serves its purpose nonetheless, showing the places and programs where the money is spent. So, Generation Opportunity, show me where you would make the cuts. I don't know guys, look closely--where is it that there might be excessive spending? Veteran's benefits, which of course Republicans wanted to cut and have cut in the past......Education spending? We're already seeing educational spending cuts across the board and the RESULTS of those cuts....Where is the ONE place where we might be able to make some cuts? Hmmmm--I wonder.....

Here is a list of budget deficits for the last couple of decades--

If you look at the budget deficits, especially under Bush, you have to keep in mind that he did NOT include the 2 to 4 trillion dollars the 2 wars he started are going to end up costing us, and Republicans and Generation Opportunity seem to be forgetting this as well! My point in putting all this information out there is this--to ask Generation Opportunity, WHERE ARE ALL THE COMMERICALS FOR THE REPUBLICANS WHO SIGNED OFF ON GEORGE W. BUSH's spending sprees? If Mary Landrieu and Kay Hagan are the problems for supposedly signing off on the Obama spending spree and getting us "deeper into debt," then wouldn't it make sense to say the same about those still in Congress from the Bush years who approved ALL his "wreckless" spending?

Generation Opportunity destroys its own credibility for launching assaults on healthcare and democrats solely--this is NOT a bi-partisan group. In fact, It has been shown that Generation Opportunity is backed by and started by a 5 million dollar investment by the Koch Brothers, and GO first came to "prominence" with its commercials STRONGLY urging young people to NOT buy health insurance. Just the sheer ABSURDITY of that idea....Let me say that again--they came to prominence with their creepy Uncle Sam commercials that was telling young people to keep Uncle Sam out of their healthcare, despite the fact that the insurance they would purchase would be from private insurance companies. Once again, the commercial against healthcare was an outright LIE! Or at best, it was a distortion of the truth.

A few facts about this supposed "bi-partisan" youth organization--it was founded by a young guy named Evan Feinberg, a young gentleman who just happened to work for both Rand Paul and Tom Coburn, Republicans both, and, some might call, Extreme Right Wingers, Rand Paul being a Tea Party darling--Rand Paul who told a lecture hall full of Kentucky college students that in order to get ahead in life, they had to lie--telling them, "misinformation works...." A lesson that Mr. Feinberg apparently took to heart. And lest we forget his tenure as a "researcher" at The Heritage Foundation--yup! That HERITAGE FOUNDATION--the same people who BROUGHT us Obamacare and then ran away from it! The SAME Heritage Foundation that is run by Former Republican Congressman turned Senator--the same Jim DeMint known for his antics while in Congressional Leadership positions that left a bad taste in the mouth of Democrats. DeMint was known for his bitter partisanship and, when the  Tea Party movement rose up, he closely aligned himself with them. THESE ultra-right wing, hyper partisan politicians are who shaped the political idealism and partisan views of Mr. Feinberg. So, he can PRETEND to be bi-partisan in ideal, but he and those people that have joined him in this "non-profit" that rakes in millions, are just attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the younger generation and indoctrinating them into a political organization that would have them vote against their own best interests. So, for them to say that they are "willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans on our key issues," is laughable at best.

Just to put it out there---Republicans have voted to make it harder for students to vote while in college by not allowing them to register in the state and area where they attend college, they have decreased educational budgets and have let the cost of tuition at most colleges rise unabated, and most recently--they voted AGAINST lowering the interest rates on Federal Student loans, against tying the amount of monthly loan repayment to the amount of money the student is bringing in monthly and several years back made it illegal to bankrupt on their student debt. The average student debt in 2014 is nearly $30,000.

Here is a link to an excellent article in THE NATION giving some facts into the background of GENERATION OPPORTUNITY:

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